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out of the mouths of babes . . .

“dear God . . . thank you for horsies, teacups, eggs, roller coasters and pirates . . . and me!  amen!”


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have a holly . . . Jolly . . . Christmas!

like many families, we had a fun visitor this past Christmas season . . . the elf on the shelf!  on Thanksgiving morning, the kids woke up to a special gift left by Santa.



the kids (Lily) decided to name him “Jolly”.  we were just happy that she didn’t name him one of her made up names like some of her imaginary friends . . . Kerndern . . . Lim . . . etc.  anyway, Jolly immediately showed that he was a mischievous little elf . . . tricking our family and hiding in peculiar places.  a few times he even left presents for the kids  . . . like Christmas lights for outside of our house, a cardboard gingerbread house to color,  flannel blankets for the trip back to Ohio, and a few sweet treats too.  we found him in many different places but one of our favorites was in the bathroom . . . in a marshmallow bath, wrapping our toilet in christmas wrapping, and inserting himself on our photobooth strip wall!  he even managed to find us all the way at Walt Disney World when we stayed for the weekend!

we know that Jolly must have been tired after the holiday season, so we were happy for him to go back to the North Pole and get some much needed rest . . . he’ll need it for when he comes back next year!!

check out the slideshow to see all of his antics!

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out of the mouths of babes . . .

this week while driving lily to school . . .

mama: oooh, i like this song! (on the radio)

gus:  dance mama, dance!

(mama and gus both start “dancing”)

lily:  just don’t forget to drive too, mom!

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oh. crap.

this is too funny (now) not to share.

gus is a major wetter.  so each night, before we go to bed, we check on him and change his diaper.  being out of town, tom was lucky enough to miss out on this one, because what awaited me last night was something i never imagined i would see and hope to never see again!

at first sight, i thought to myself, “oh, how cute!  he has his hand down the back of his pants and he fell asleep!”  it wasn’t until i took a picture and looked at the preview on the screen that i noticed something was awry.  it was, after all, very very dark in his room!


that’s when i realized that i was in deep crap.  literally.

i quickly called for my mom (who is visiting from cincinnati for the weekend) to come and help me as this was in no way a one woman job.  as you will hear in the video,  we soon realized that it was much worse than we originally thought!

it was bad enough that it looked like a crime scene in his crib, but then he turned his head and i saw just how bad it really was!  what seemed sweet a few minutes earlier (having his hand down his pants) quickly turned to horror as we saw that it was actually stuck there by dried poo!

needless to say, i’m sure he will hate these pictures someday . . . and though i’ll gladly forget the smell and chore of scraping it off his little body . . . i will never EVER forget this experience in motherhood!


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have teeth, will bite.

well, it’s happened.  i have a child who is a biter.  gus has recently discovered that his little teeth can be used for more than just chewing his food but also a weapon to retaliate against those who take his toys, “hug” him around the neck too hard, etc.  lily has not been the only recipient of this behavior.  i’ve personally received a few bites when holding him / playing with him . . . on the shoulder and even once on the thigh which really did hurt.  there are two incidents that specifically stick out in my memory (and i’m sure in lils too!).

one day, while at the grocery store, i decided to be the cool mom and let my kids “drive” the car attached to the front of the grocery cart.  i’m sure some of you have experienced these monstrosities before.  you know, the carts which are practically impossible to maneuver and stop on a dime?  anyway, here i am, attempting to push this around the store, trying to get my coup-on, when all of a sudden i hear my daughter screaming, “no gus! no gus!”  i run to the front of the cart only to find gus chomping down on lily’s little shoulder.  big tears rolling down her cheeks she’s yelling, “why did he bite me?”  after correcting him, i tried to explain that sometimes babies just bite but sometimes it’s the only thing they can do when being provoked.  after all, i had just seen her with him in a headlock!  needless to say, gus quickly became the lone driver of the car.

the second, and dare i say, more loving incident happened just a few days later.  we had just pulled into our driveway and i had finished unbuckling lily.  she walked over to gus’s seat to give him a kiss on the lips.  bad idea!  she pulled away with a bloody bottom lip.  though it was hilarious, i really did feel bad for her.  poor girl, she was just trying to be affectionate with her little brother, only to end up wounded!

in the end, this has been gus’s biggest fault thus far.  i’d say we’re doing pretty good!!

oh, and i’m sure that he could give charlie a run for his money.

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a week at grandma’s

last week was wonderful!  we had the pleasure of spending a week at my mother-in-law’s house in new richmond, ohio.  it was so much fun!!  great meals, garage sales, splash park, berry picking, sleeping in, tractor rides, pink cows, sewing sewing and sewing some more, river days . . . even having our friends over for a fun afternoon of playing and singing on the porch . . . oh, and franklin swimming in the pond . . . what a hoot!

enjoy our video recap of our great week at grandma’s!

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a belated birthday recap

oh to be the second child . . .  they almost always get the short end of the “oh so exciting firsts” stick.  sigh.  poor gus.  i am finally getting around to sharing about his first birthday, but at least i’m doing it.  though he’s not only getting screwed out of having two parties (one in florida with friends and one in cincy with family) and a birthday video recap like his sister had,  he did at least have a party and a few photos taken!  truth be told, i’m pretty much banking on the whole “he’s a boy and probably won’t care” idea anyway!  here goes nothing . . .

i knew the party was going to be on a much smaller scale since i had a much smaller budget (thank God for the dollar tree!), but i did spring for a few special things like fun fabrics to make a birthday banner and neat personalized invitations (thank you etsy!).  we decided on a carnival theme . . . partly because i wanted it to go with the banners i had made and partly because it was easy to find what i needed at the dollar tree.  we gave away favors of candy and pinwheels (the latter of which always makes me happy . . . just like gus!), ate cupcakes with sprinkles, and even had a “cake walk” with the kiddos (thanks again for the idea, franki!).

we are super lucky to have so many great friends in orlando who gave up their day to celebrate sweet gus.  even though he wasn’t feeling all that great, and lily was a total pill,  we still enjoyed ourselves as you will see.

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