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the other day, i overheard lily singing yet another song that her papa sings to her at naptime/bedtime . . . “goodnight” by the beatles.

it made me cry (which is a daily occurrence these days), and luckily she didn’t mind when i grabbed the camera to video her.

e n j o y !


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fun with family

last weekend, we were lucky to get to spend some time with tom’s family. unfortunately, lily’s auntie jenn needed *surgery while she was in town visiting, so our time together was somewhat cut short. though we didn’t get to see as much of her as we would have liked, we still had the pleasure of spending some quality time with our niece and nephew. we played at the mall and even went on the double decker carousel. what fun!

see below for some pics.

* we are happy to say that auntie jenn is doing well and will make a full recovery.

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big girl bed!

with our upcoming “temporary” move back to orlando less than a month away, it was time that miss lily transitioned from her crib to her new . . . drum roll please . . . BIG GIRL BED!

i was especially nervous about this transition, as i’ve seen the supernanny on tv and how kids don’t stay in their rooms and prolong the bedtime routine for hours and hours. but since we won’t have a crib in florida . . . and since we’ll be needing our crib for another tiny one come may, it was time for her to make the switch.

we decided that naptime was going to be easier to try it out for the first time, as i would have more energy then than to tackle it at night! leading up to naptime, we spent a long time in her room talking about how cool her new bed is, how it will make it so much easier to give kisses and “big hugs”, and how it will be easier to get “tickles” (back scratches). when it was finally time to go down for the nap, i laid down the rules.

rule #1: stay in bed.

rule #2: when you wake up you say . . . “mama, i’m awake!” . . . and then you stay in bed.

we practiced and recited the rules over and over again. almost laughing at how ridiculous it sounded!!

anyway, all of the practicing totally worked! i am pleased to say that she has stayed in her bed ever since. she does try to prolong the bedtime routine . . . another “big hug”, a drink of water, sing “goodnight my angel” . . . again! however, she has taken to her bed quite well and seems to be proud of finally being a “big girl”.

sigh. now if only she’d see that using the potty would really make her a big girl!

see below for pics of lils in her new bed.

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out of the mouths of babes…

while watching the movie “Bolt” . . .

lily: ummmm . . . this movie is too crazy for me, mom.

while talking to her daddy about visiting grandma’s house . . .

lily: where are we going?

daddy: we’re going to see grandma

lily: why?

daddy: because.

lily: why do you say that, dad? it makes me so sad.

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lately, whenever it’s time to cook or bake, lily has been wanting to wear an apron like mine. after many failed attempts at folding over adult sized aprons and creatively tying them, i found a vintage child’s apron at a local antique shop that she just loves!

check out the pics of lily the “baker”!

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goodnight my angel

when we moved back to cincinnati last june, lily’s papa started singing this song to her at every naptime. recently, i was lucky enough to capture lily singing it to her own baby.



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tom and i are happy to announce . . .

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