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oh. crap.

this is too funny (now) not to share.

gus is a major wetter.  so each night, before we go to bed, we check on him and change his diaper.  being out of town, tom was lucky enough to miss out on this one, because what awaited me last night was something i never imagined i would see and hope to never see again!

at first sight, i thought to myself, “oh, how cute!  he has his hand down the back of his pants and he fell asleep!”  it wasn’t until i took a picture and looked at the preview on the screen that i noticed something was awry.  it was, after all, very very dark in his room!


that’s when i realized that i was in deep crap.  literally.

i quickly called for my mom (who is visiting from cincinnati for the weekend) to come and help me as this was in no way a one woman job.  as you will hear in the video,  we soon realized that it was much worse than we originally thought!

it was bad enough that it looked like a crime scene in his crib, but then he turned his head and i saw just how bad it really was!  what seemed sweet a few minutes earlier (having his hand down his pants) quickly turned to horror as we saw that it was actually stuck there by dried poo!

needless to say, i’m sure he will hate these pictures someday . . . and though i’ll gladly forget the smell and chore of scraping it off his little body . . . i will never EVER forget this experience in motherhood!



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