daddy’s shouldn’t cut hair

to all my  fellow mamas out there . . . you’ll probably totally get what i’m going to say in this post.

i know that i’ve stated in an earlier post about what a great teammate i found to go through life with.  my husband is a great dad.  he often has great ideas, though what i’m about to describe admittedly wasn’t one of them!

last week while eating dinner, we were all commenting and laughing about gus’s crazy hair and how he needs a haircut.  tom asked me when it was going to happen and said that we should just go ahead and cut it ourselves with the trimmers upstairs.  now, being the girl that i am i said, “well, i want to take him somewhere to get his first haircut, but i guess that we should just save the money and do it ourselves.”  translation . . . “i don’t want to touch his hair.  the first haircut is a special time . . . even if it is only for the mom, darnit, and i want it to be a memory . . . a good memory . . . for me!! so i’m going to say that we should do it ourselves, but we both (should) know that i don’t mean it!”  of course, being the guy that tom is, he didn’t read my mind and thought i was cool with what was about to happen.

so after dinner we headed up to the bathroom.  i was thinking positively and suggested that we only trim the sides to get rid of the “earmuffs” and tom agreed . . . or so i thought!  he grabbed the “trimmers” (which actually are only used on trimming a beard or sideburns!) and started shaving gus’s fuzzy little head.  at the beginning, it was going pretty well.  tom was using a guard so he wouldn’t shave too much off . . . gus seemed ok with what was happening . . . i was busy taking pictures . . .  lily was bouncing in and out of the bathroom chatting away . . .

and then it happened . . .

i turned my head to answer a question for lily and when i turned back there was now an almost bald spot right on gus’s forehead hairline!!  no joke,  it was completely surrounded by longer hair and looked like crap.  that’s when things turned ugly . . .  i’m now crying at how bad he looks . . . gus starts crying because he’s becoming impatient at the experience . . .  tom is getting frustrated because gus isn’t sitting still (he is, after all, still a baby!) . . . and then the frickin trimmers break!!!  so there we all sat . . .  baby, crying in the bathtub . . . mama, crying and refusing to look at the baby (or at her husband!) . . . and dad,  saying that it doesn’t look that bad and that we’ll fix the trimmers and finish it later.

hell to the no!  i already knew in my heart that this had the potential of being a total disaster . . . and i was right.  our son now had a haircut that resembled a character from last of the mohicans . . . mostly shaved to the scalp with long sections all over his head.  it looked A W F U L !

i begrudgingly grabbed a clump of hair from the bottom of the bathtub and jammed it in an envelope to save.  it was, after all, a memory. :S  i immediately made a beeline for my phone, called our friend/hairdresser/babysitter, christina, and made an appointment for the next morning.  even she was shocked at how bad it really was!  anyway, she saved the day by trimming the rest of it and making him look presentable.

though his looks have drastically changed to me, i know that it is just hair and it will grow back.  seriously, i’ve had hair the color of the rainbow and a shaved head.  i even wore fishnet hose with combat boots and a biker jacket to my freshman homecoming!!  i know that how you look outside doesn’t necessarily reflect who you are inside.*  however, i must admit, for the first time i completely understood how my mom must have felt the day i came home with a shaved head (at age 13!!).  i mean, you look at your kid and you think to yourself, “i made that!  how this kid looks . . . behaves . . . etc . . .  is a direct reflection on me!”  besides all of this, i’m about 99% sure that this is my last baby and the only little boy i’ll ever have.  i wanted the first haircut to be special. (again, for only my memory!)

anyway, all of this to say that we all learned a valuable lesson from this experience.  #1 . . .   unless you are married to paul mitchell or john frieda don’t let your husband near your kids hair with anything other than a comb.  #2 . . . if you break rule #1 . . . at the very least use good equipment and for the tools intended use.  and finally, #3 . . . girls, say what you mean.  if you have an idea of how you want something to go, speak up and say it.  don’t expect anyone (especially a guy) to read your mind!

* yes, i understand that gus is a baby and that he didn’t choose to do this with his hair, unlike i did.  😛



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6 responses to “daddy’s shouldn’t cut hair

  1. Katie Dooley

    Oh hon! I totally agree with the WHOLE THING!!! That’s why *I* cut the hair in my house. Not sure Brian even knows where the clippers and/or haircutting scissors are… probably a good thing. Yes, it is just hair and yes, it will grow back… but it still is a shock!
    One of the little boys I babysit had a similar “shaved head” experience after he found his older sister’s press-on nails and glue for them. Somehow he had the nails glued ALL OVER his head – but not on ANY exposed skin or in his face (only a 12 month old would be capable of such a feat!!). His mom ended up having to shave his head to get the nails and glue out!!! The pic of your friend holding Gus looks almost EXACTLY like Ethan did. Ethan’s hair has grown back and he looks just fine, but even I missed my little fuzzy headed boy! 😦

  2. I love this! I was picturing all of you as I read it and it made me laugh out loud! I think this is a way better memory then some salon first hair cut.

  3. Christina Harris

    I laugh every time I think of this situation going on in your house. I’m so glad I was able to fix it for you as I’m sure it was traumatizing to you. I agree this is a great first haircut story that you will all laugh about for years to come. :o)

    I’ll never forget the voicemail you left though. So funny!

    love you guys!

  4. I totally understand! Unc never was allowed to use the trimmers on anyone’s hair but his own. I can’t believe how different Gus looks without his woodstock hair — he reminds me of some little cartoon character (Sluggo, perhaps?)! Looking on the bright side — yes, hair grows back AND this will always top other people’s boring first haircut stories!

  5. Mom

    This is the funniest story I think I have ever read! Not about Gus’s hair – but the funny way you told the story. Hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh – sorry Gus : (

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