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parenting fail!

so the last time i did a real blog post (not just a photo recap) i wrote about our family’s no scare policy.  please keep that in mind as you read the story below!

on sunday afternoon, the boys were resting while lily and i were downstairs reading books and hanging out.  needing to talk to tom, i put on a show from our dvr for lily to watch.  i told her that i needed to talk to daddy and that i’d come back down in a short while.

(and please know . . . we were actually talking. get your minds out of the gutter, people!)

in the middle of our discussion, lily comes into our room and starts telling us about a dog that had died, someone had a gun, etc.  i’m embarrassed to admit that these are normal topics of conversation for her.  she loves to pretend she has guns . . . and loves all of the “bad people”.  currently she is obsessed with the movie Tangled . . . but not with Rapunzel, rather Mother Gothel (or Mudder Goggle, as lil calls her!).  anyway, when she came into our room going on and on like this, we quickly dismissed it and her, and said we would be finished talking soon, etc.  this seemed ok to her because at least 5 or 10 minutes went by before she came back again.  you guessed it, only for us to poo poo what she was talking about and send her away again.  finally, she came back in the room saying, “mom, you’ve got to come here.  follow me.  there is a really scary man.  you’ve got to see him.”  so i quickly follow her out of the room and as i am following her downstairs i hear it.  i was horrified at what she had been watching and couldn’t get down the stairs fast enough to change the channel.  her video had been over leaving the last channel watched to come back on the screen.  poor lily had been watching . . .


u g h.  absolute parenting fail.  surprisingly enough she has not mentioned it one time.  she hasn’t had any bad dreams either.  hopefully, she’ll never remember anything about it!

so the lesson learned is . . . not just be careful what you leave up on the tv, but also listen to your kids no matter how crazy their talking may be!


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december recap

as my sister-in-law would say . . . detox!  we have survived yet another holiday season and loved every minute of it . . . well . . . some of us did anyway!

december was a whirlwind of family visits, christmas parties, driving to/from cincinnati, watching awesome movies, going sled riding, building snowmen, and making fun memories.  since we’re already half way through the first month of 2011, and since i’m completely unmotivated to blog something original, i will just do a photo recap of the last month of the year.

e n j o y !

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