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out of the mouths of babes . . .

so it feels like i post more of these than anything else these days . . . however, lily is just getting funnier and funnier by the day!

(when seeing her papa who came to visit us in florida)

lily: (pointing to his belly) who’s that baby right here?

unfortunately (or fortunately), papa didn’t hear her say this and only her daddy did. i wish i could have heard her say this myself as i haven’t stopped laughing about it since tom told me about it!


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out of the mouths of babes . . .

last week, while making my bed, lily and i had this brief exchange . . .

lily: mom, i want some juice.

mama: lily, finish the milk on the table and then you can have some juice.

(lily leaves the room . . . then returns a few minutes later)

lily: mom, i want candy.

mama: lily, you just finished eating breakfast, i’m not giving you candy.

(lily leaves the room for a second time only to return again a few minutes later)

lily: mom, here’s the problem . . . i want candy.

mama: (after hysterical laughing has subsided) lily, here’s the answer . . . i’m the mommy and i say “no candy”!

(lily leaves the room after rolling her eyes at me like some kind of preteen hannah montana groupie. i’m afraid we’re in trouble!)

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christmas time is here

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