have teeth, will bite.

well, it’s happened.  i have a child who is a biter.  gus has recently discovered that his little teeth can be used for more than just chewing his food but also a weapon to retaliate against those who take his toys, “hug” him around the neck too hard, etc.  lily has not been the only recipient of this behavior.  i’ve personally received a few bites when holding him / playing with him . . . on the shoulder and even once on the thigh which really did hurt.  there are two incidents that specifically stick out in my memory (and i’m sure in lils too!).

one day, while at the grocery store, i decided to be the cool mom and let my kids “drive” the car attached to the front of the grocery cart.  i’m sure some of you have experienced these monstrosities before.  you know, the carts which are practically impossible to maneuver and stop on a dime?  anyway, here i am, attempting to push this around the store, trying to get my coup-on, when all of a sudden i hear my daughter screaming, “no gus! no gus!”  i run to the front of the cart only to find gus chomping down on lily’s little shoulder.  big tears rolling down her cheeks she’s yelling, “why did he bite me?”  after correcting him, i tried to explain that sometimes babies just bite but sometimes it’s the only thing they can do when being provoked.  after all, i had just seen her with him in a headlock!  needless to say, gus quickly became the lone driver of the car.

the second, and dare i say, more loving incident happened just a few days later.  we had just pulled into our driveway and i had finished unbuckling lily.  she walked over to gus’s seat to give him a kiss on the lips.  bad idea!  she pulled away with a bloody bottom lip.  though it was hilarious, i really did feel bad for her.  poor girl, she was just trying to be affectionate with her little brother, only to end up wounded!

in the end, this has been gus’s biggest fault thus far.  i’d say we’re doing pretty good!!

oh, and i’m sure that he could give charlie a run for his money.


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One response to “have teeth, will bite.

  1. I had a little biter, too. Though I was advised by *well-meaning* people to ‘bite him back’, that didn’t seem like an effective way to teach him that it was bad. Really — biting is bad, so I’ll bite you to prove it?

    In the end, I caused my little guy to bite himself. Right after one of the times he got me on my shoulder, I took his little fist and put it in his mouth and pushed his jaw tight. He was so surprised! I explained that biting hurts and that’s what it feels like and it’s a bad thing to do — always! It got through to him much more when it was his own teeth hurting himself.

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