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family reunion

i love my family.  i’m lucky . . . and i know it.  recently we all came together to spend a weekend of fun.  it’s sweet how we all range from age one to eighty nine, yet we get along and can appreciate our differences.  i cherish these times together and look forward to when we can all be together again.



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unabashed joy!

to make this summer even more fun, lily now has her first real bicycle.  i must say, it wasn’t too easy to find one that wasn’t one of the dreaded p’s (pink, purple, or princess) that she would reject.  luckily, i found one online from walmart and had it shipped to cincinnati.  our uncle paul, graciously put it together for her so she could get to riding as soon as we had a nice day.  upon seeing and riding it for the first time, there is no other way to describe the excitement except to say that it was unabashed joy!

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