i never knew love before, then came you

as i write this post, my sweet little gus is quietly sleeping in his bed.  a year ago on this day i was anxiously awaiting what tomorrow would bring for all of us . . . his birthday.  would he look like his daddy or like me?  would he cry a lot or be mellow, as i had prayed for him to be?  how would lily react to having to share the limelight?  though i couldn’t answer these questions at the time, God knew the precious gift that He was about to give to me and i know rejoiced when gus entered the world.

at 1:50 in the afternoon my world completely changed . . . again.  in that moment my heart grew even bigger, and just enough to fit in an 8 lb 10 oz new baby.  as he was being cleaned by the nurses, he turned his head in the direction of my voice and thus began the incredible bond that we now share.  gus has completed me in a way that i didn’t even know was needed.

it is an absolute honor to be his mama.  i delight in him daily.  knowing that i can’t freeze time, i am choosing to enjoy each and every day that I have with him.  most of all, i thank God for entrusting me with His child.



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2 responses to “i never knew love before, then came you

  1. LOVE it! Lincy said today “I can’t wait to see Gussy Gus”. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    Happy Birthday to the Gus!’

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