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i am in love.  God has beyond blessed me with the sweetest and happiest baby i have ever met.  seriously.  when we had lily three years ago, i couldn’t believe how great she was.  sure, we had our moments.  at times she would cry and i couldn’t figure out why.  i was completely sleep deprived and depressed.  despite all of these things she really was a good baby.  this time around it’s different.  it’s better.  i now have the joy of caring for gus.

my friend once told me that your first child is your pride and your second is your joy.  i’m starting to really buy into that idea.  now before i go on . . . i admit that we are still just out of the gate.  a lot can change, but i’m not holding my breath for that to happen.  i have a seriously laid back child . . . just as i had prayed for.

gus is now 10 weeks old and is weighing in at 15 lbs 9 oz.  he’s totally solid!  he loves Loves LOVES to sleep . . . and eat, but is also really content to just be held and take everything in that he sees.  i’m holding him as much as he (and i) want.  i don’t care what people say about spoiling him with affection.  how can a baby have too much affection?

anyway, i’m about 99% sure this is my last baby . . . of course, God might have other plans.  however, if i have any say (which obviously i do) this is it.  there is no way that i am going to take my chances in being . . . er . . . blessed? with a more “spirited” baby the next time around.  like in vegas, i’m cashing out early!

lily has really taken to him too.  she loves being a helper to me and checking on her little brother.  he seems to already know her a little and often smiles when she speaks to him with her face close to his. she does have a rather heavy hand at times though, so we always have a careful eye on her!

overall, he has made me complete in a way that i never knew i needed to be.  he has filled a void that i didn’t know i had.  i am loving being his mama and i can’t wait to watch him grow into the boy God intends for him to be.  i just wish it wouldn’t happen too fast!

listening to “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova


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ocd . . . or just an awesomely creative little girl?

my daughter is rad.  her creative juices are overflowing these days and it has been a blast to watch.  lily loves perfecting her “collections”.  she is a little organizer in the making . . . or maybe a little ocd . . . we’re not sure which!

check out some of her work!

all of the babies “napping” after someone’s birthday party (probably brobee’s)

notice how all of her friends are face down . . . c r e e p y !

the other day she called me into the living room to show me  how she positioned her babies all around her *

what a trip!  i can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

*for the record… this is lily’s preferred expression when posing for pictures.  we honestly have to beg her to just smile and not make a silly face!


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