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a belated birthday recap

oh to be the second child . . .  they almost always get the short end of the “oh so exciting firsts” stick.  sigh.  poor gus.  i am finally getting around to sharing about his first birthday, but at least i’m doing it.  though he’s not only getting screwed out of having two parties (one in florida with friends and one in cincy with family) and a birthday video recap like his sister had,  he did at least have a party and a few photos taken!  truth be told, i’m pretty much banking on the whole “he’s a boy and probably won’t care” idea anyway!  here goes nothing . . .

i knew the party was going to be on a much smaller scale since i had a much smaller budget (thank God for the dollar tree!), but i did spring for a few special things like fun fabrics to make a birthday banner and neat personalized invitations (thank you etsy!).  we decided on a carnival theme . . . partly because i wanted it to go with the banners i had made and partly because it was easy to find what i needed at the dollar tree.  we gave away favors of candy and pinwheels (the latter of which always makes me happy . . . just like gus!), ate cupcakes with sprinkles, and even had a “cake walk” with the kiddos (thanks again for the idea, franki!).

we are super lucky to have so many great friends in orlando who gave up their day to celebrate sweet gus.  even though he wasn’t feeling all that great, and lily was a total pill,  we still enjoyed ourselves as you will see.

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playing catch up!

holy crapoli.  i can’t believe i haven’t posted here since before gus’s birthday!  so much has happened since then . . . milestones,  last visits with friends (and disney) in orlando, moving back to cincy for the summer, multiple disasters with our houses, etc etc etc.  i’m not going to bore anyone with all the ridiculousness that has transpired in the past few months, so instead i will just give you a look at some of the highlights . . . oh, and a promise that i will update more often . . . er . . . try to, that is!

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