unrequited love

a few days ago we had two of our favorite friends, luke and lydia, over for pizza and a movie.  while watching the movie i overheard this exchange…

lily:  luke, can we get married?

luke:  no.

lily: (immediate body language / facial expression change . . . now with arms folded and a scowl on her face)  why?

luke:  because i’m marrying someone else.

christy:  who are you marrying, luke?

luke:  tori.

lily:  well, i’m marrying my dad.

luke:  you can’t marry your dad.

lily:  yes, i will.

(as she moves from off the floor she walks by him and glares while saying…)

i will marry you.

as lils would say, “herlarious!”  even though it was a funny conversation my heart truly did break a little for my girl.  she was genuinely hurt and sad.  luke is absolutely her number one guy, but more in a brotherly way.  who knows what the future might bring for them.  at the very least, a lifetime of friendship and happy memories of playing together.  besides, i hear this tori girl gave him her phone number and a few of the numbers were backwards and some were even missing, so lils shouldn’t be too worried about her!



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3 responses to “unrequited love

  1. Betsy

    This may be the first of many conversations on this topic by our two kiddos. I just LOVE their budding relationship 🙂

  2. Love her. I’d love to see this conversation play out in high school.

  3. DonB

    I heard Tori is a skank anyway. DonB

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