daddy’s are magic!

ok, i’m just going to put this out there . . . my husband is a hottie (actually, he’s an absolute DILF, and lucky me, i get to!!  . . . go ahead and barf!).  sure, he’s easy on the eyes, but that’s not what makes me adore this man.  he is hilariously funny!  he is crazy smart.  he has a huge amount of talent and creativity.  the way that he can be crazy and make my daughter and son laugh til they’re peeing in their pull-ups makes me wish that i was just half as much fun as him.

lately, he has started a new nightly tradition with lily.  in her room she has a dry erase/chalkboard that was given to her by her grandparents last christmas.  for the past several weeks now tom has been drawing a picture each night of whatever lily’s little heart desires.  this can range anywhere from a favorite disney character to a refrigerator!  how cool is that?  seriously, i’ve always been jealous of gals that hooked up with musical guys who can sit for hours and play guitars while they sing for their kiddos.  he may not have a musical bone in his body (save for a killer aaron neville impersonation!) but this man can draw anything that her mind can imagine, and to me that is equally as cool.

here are just a few of his latest creations (some with lily’s “help”)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

last night at bedtime, after the picture had been drawn, i had just finished praying with lily and giving her about 10 “disney” hugs and kisses when i witnessed something truly special as i walked out the door.  tom kissed her and said goodnight and then she sat up in bed and started counting.  when she got to number three, she blew across her hand (like blowing a kiss) toward her chandelier and the lights magically went dim and turned out.  the look on her face at what had just occurred made me want to cry like a baby.  to anyone else it was just a clever way to turn out the lights, but to our little girl it was magic . . . a magic that only her daddy could provide.



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3 responses to “daddy’s are magic!

  1. What a totally cool tradition! I’ve been loving your posts lately (except the one about Glee, which I’ve never seen and never missed).

  2. rebecca

    If your husband is more fun than YOU, I can’t wait to meet him!! love your posts!

  3. How very sweet and special for Tom to have this magical time with Lily! Daddy’s need things like that to give their kids, since so much of kids interaction is with their mom’s by nature. While we as moms can step it up in the fun-zone at times, our role is just different. Both appreciated in different ways by our children.

    Cesar took Lili on a date today. He came to the door, knocked, asked permission to take my daughter out and told me all of his intentions toward her (treat her to a nice dinner, tell her how special she is, show her that she is valued and loved, etc)…so cute. In the end she was a little princess melted by his “magic.” We have great hubbys!

    (In the midst of Cesar’s magic, I got out my pretend shotgun while I listened to this “boy come a courtin” to make sure Lili knew what her future boys would be up against when she started bring home actual boys asking to take her on a date. haha Hope I didn’t screw her up too bad!)

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