happy st. pashriss day! from, cotto, the eprelaun

today, while chatting with my bestie, we were talking about her little boy and his hunt for four leaf “clubs”.  i suggested that she go and find some gold coins (and not the kind that glenn beck is always hocking… rather the chocolate kind!) and hide them in the yard for he and his sister to find.  then i thought about it . . . how could i suggest something so fun for her kids to do and not do it for my own?  so i was soon off to find my own treasure for sweet lil.  well i hit the dollar tree and walmart and couldn’t find exactly what i was looking for, so i eventually had to settle on some palmer’s peanut butter cups wrapped in gold foil.  good enough!

after picking lily up from school i told tom to call her upstairs so that i could get busy hiding them.  a few minutes later i ran up the stairs frantically asking if a little man in a green outfit had come through the room.  lily immediately started looking everywhere and ran from room to room to find him.  she finally ran to the landing on our staircase and found a single gold “coin”.  she started squealing about candy and how she wanted to find more . . . so we followed her downstairs and started the hunt for the treasure.  after a few minutes she had found them all . . .  except for one that i know the dogs ate (*foil and all!) because they were both licking their chops!!   lily had a blast and i had a new st. patrick’s day tradition!!

tonight at bedtime, she was still talking about “cotto, the eprelaun”,  (apparently, that is his name!) and how she couldn’t wait for next “st. pashriss day” so she could wait for cotto to show up and see him for herself.  i can’t wait for that either!!

“cotto, the eprelaun” by tom**


*  i did call the vet and they said the dogs would be find.  guess we’ll have to wait to find more “treasure” in the yard!

**  stay tuned for another post about a new special tradition that tom has started!


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  1. Love Cotto. Love Tom. Love you all. Sweetest post!

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