why i’m done with glee

when Glee was first introduced as a teaser episode in may of ’09 i was super excited.  it was witty, the performers were incredibly talented, and overall i thought it was going to be a great show that i would enjoy. . . and not just for me, but for all ages (a la high school musical… barf, i know).

i anxiously awaited the first full season and couldn’t wait to see how everything went down.  being a chorus and band dork in high school it was nice to see a show that finally showcased how really fun the arts can be, instead of just another one that glamorized sports and the “cool” people.  so i watched the first season and loved it!  the characters were pretty likable, even the villainous “sue” was a favorite.  the music was fantastic and heck, they even featured a deaf school signing choir!  (you know i’m all about that!)  all that to say, i really enjoyed most every episode.

then came season two.  the show had been a huge success in it’s first season, and rightfully so.  however, like other shows that have a great start, things can start to quickly sour . . . and in my opinion the show really started to stink.

by the third episode in when one of the main characters was praying to a grilled cheese sandwich with a burn mark that looked like Jesus (which the writers so cleverly called “Grilled Cheesus”), this should have been my first clue that i probably wasn’t going to like what was coming down the pike.  even though i was offended by this i admittedly didn’t let it stop me from continuing to watch each week.

week after week as i watched each new episode i found my enjoyment starting to fade.  the music was always great and sue’s zingers still made me laugh, but it was the content that was starting to get to me, yet i still was able to stomach it so i kept on watching.

a few weeks ago there was a new episode titled “Blame It On The Alcohol”.  basically, it was about underage drinking and in my opinion, absolutely glorified how cool it can be.  sure, there was a little mention about how you should drink responsibly, but that message was hard to find mixed in between wild partying and drunkeness from both students and teachers.  aly semigran, a writer for mtv, summed it up best saying, “While Ryan Murphy (the creator of the show) always combines humor with serious life lessons, it seems there were none to be found here. Besides some embarrassing moments, nobody in the episode faced any real consequences. The episode simply took the approach of ‘We can’t stop them from drinking, but we can make them aware, which is a very reasonable way to look at it. That is, if there’s some awareness in the first place.” so as disgusted as i was watching this episode it was not yet the straw that broke the camel’s back.

last weeks episode was titled “Sexy”.  it started off with a viewer’s warning that this show was intended for mature audiences and was sexual in nature.  gee, you think with a title like that?  anyway, i’m sure that the warning did little if nothing at all to deter kids from watching, or even better yet, their parents from preventing it to be seen. in fact, according to my research it had the highest viewership of last tuesday night with 11.96 million american viewers.  (and you know these weren’t all old people!!)

the first song right out of the gate was sung by gwyneth paltrow (who was a guest star) titled “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)”.  i was shocked.  now hear me when i say . . . i’m no fuddy duddy.  i’m not afraid of sexuality . . . my own or anyone else’s.  i think sex is great, and i’m not ashamed to admit it.  i’m even the girl who sang the Divinyl’s most popular song at karaoke bar when i was eight freakin months pregnant!!  (and if you don’t know the song i’m talking about you’ll just have to google that one for yourself!)  all this to say that i’m not a frigid prude!!  however, i do believe in having morals and i do believe that kids shouldn’t be lead to thinking that sex is something to take lightly.

i know that a major part of the story line for the first season was one of the character’s being pregnant and getting kicked out of her house.  i felt that this was a great topic as it absolutely affects kids today (and we can add underage drinking and bullying to that list as well).  i even have no objection to these topics being brought to light  in such a way that is not as threatening as an after school t.v. special!  however, it was the absolute disregard for who the target audience is that was the final nail in the coffin for me.  the creators of the show might say that it’s geared towards an older audience (approx age 16 and up) but i’m not buying it.  like with high school musical, the tween generation is absolutely latching on to this show and frankly, it’s being marketed to them!!  toys . . .  like microphones and board games, stickers, folders that have the character’s faces on them, etc.  are just some of the merchandising that is out there for kids (and let’s be real here, parents) to buy.  it is sucking in kids left and right and i seriously worry about the message that episodes like this send.

anyway, these are just my thoughts and musings about the show and explaining (to anyone who cares to read) why i feel like it’s not the kind of show i need to be watching anymore.  i don’t expect to really change anyone’s opinion, and i’m not trying to dog anyone who still enjoys the show.  however, i do openly challenge anyone who feels uncomfortable when they watch things like this and think to themselves, “maybe i shouldn’t be watching this” . . . why are you still watching?

i know that i wish i had changed the channel way back in october.



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4 responses to “why i’m done with glee

  1. Joanna

    I LOVE your transparency…so refreshing! love you, girl!

  2. Minette

    I totally agree with you! I stopped watching the show last year for similar reasons. :/

  3. Well said and I that you ended it with a challenge to other viewers!!

  4. Tracy

    I’ve stopped watching too. While I’m not opposed to gays, I don’t like seeing it portrayed quite so much. Actually, it’s being pushed down my throat on this show. That and the anti-conservative, pro-teen sex and drinking, and other liberal agendas have completely ruined the show for me. I don’t want to be preached to, and I don’t like my teen daughter thinking that some of the things they’re doing on that show are okay. So I am no longer Glee-ful! Thanks for sharing.

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