wasting time


last summer, my littles and i were lucky enough to spend a great deal of time with our best friends, the myers family.  now i must admit . . . and not just because i know she will read this . . . that my bestie betsy is one of the greatest mom’s i have ever met.  i am constantly learning from her and seeking her advice, not only on child-rearing but about life in general.  i’m lucky to have her in my corner.  of course, i admire her parenting skills, but i’m admittedly also jealous of the absolute fun and relaxed home that she has made for her family.  being with them and seeing how kid friendly (without sacrificing adult aesthetic) their home is has made me want to be a copycat and do the same.  one idea that i have stolen is to invest in a bubble machine.  ours sits on top of the refrigerator in our orlando home.  periodically, i turn it on for a minute or so and let the air fill with bubbles.  it’s amazing how in just a few seconds you are completely enveloped with hundreds of bubbles in different sizes.  i know it’s total cheese to say it . . . but it’s actually quite magical!

that brings me to today.  i was standing in the kitchen, going about the morning grind, all the while being pelted by a barrage of questions from lily in the living room.  i’d finally had enough and wanted to give my tired head (and ears) a little bit of a break.  after all, i had my “work” to get back to.  i quietly turned on the bubble machine only to hear a squealing lily running towards me in her pajamas.  she started screaming, “bubbles! bubbles! bubbles!” and began spinning in circles all around the kitchen.  so i thought to myself, “good.  now i can get back to the invoice i’m sending for work.”  i no sooner had that thought when i heard  . . .

“mom!  come play in the bubbles.  stop wasting your time!”

yowza.  once again i found myself getting smacked in the face by the proverbial book, Life Lessons by Lily.  sigh.  she was right.  i was wasting my time.  now don’t get me wrong . . . i know that there are things that need to be done for me to keep up the facade of being a responsible . . . um . . . “adult” . . . like sending an invoice for work so that we can pay our bills.  however, it was yet another good reminder that sometimes i need to loosen the heck up!  there will always be dishes to be done . . . there will always be floors that need to be swept . . . but there won’t always be a four year old waiting to dance and twirl with her mama.  life is too short to waste time doing the responsible thing . . . all the time.  after all,  the bubbles will eventually all pop.  will you have played in them?



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3 responses to “wasting time

  1. Betsy

    HOLY CANOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the most profound and inspiring parenting and overall LIFE lessons I think I’ve ever read. HONESTLY! Your last paragraph, especially the last couple sentences are AMAZING!!!!!!!! So convicting and so sweet.
    Thank you for always sharing your heart. It’s something I LOVE about you. Your honesty and vulnerability blesses everyone around you and you don’t even realize it most of the time!!!!!

    PS Thanks for the sweet (and unnecessary comments about MY house) You’re a true RH! (hee hee)

  2. Thanks for being so transparent — what a well-put, so-true life lesson! You’re absolutely right. Life is short, the bubbles will pop, we should all stop wasting our time and play in them…

  3. Kayla :)

    Christy! You are SUCH a great momma!! : ) I am going to admit.. you almost had me tearing up at the end it was so sweet. Lily & little Gus have the greatest mom!

    Can’t wait to see you and Betsy again! COME HOME 😉
    love you!

    Kayla 🙂

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