stifling creativity

i recently learned an important lesson . . . and might i add, not a moment too soon.

about a week ago, i was going about the morning craziness . . . feeding children, dogs, doing laundry, etc. etc. lily was flitting about as normal and gus was on the floor (not yet engaging his recently acquired skill of the army crawl). as usual, i was in the middle of about three different projects and quite frankly didn’t want to be bothered to get yet one more thing for someone else. i wanted to just complete my project without another interruption.

anyway, lily came up to me and asked me to get her a piece of tape. here’s the exchange between us (including my thought pattern, as embarrasing as it is for me to publicly admit my own neurotic thoughts).

lily: mom, i need a piece of tape.

mama: (sigh) lily, why?

lily: (guitar in one hand, kazoo in the other) because i need to hang this on here.

(as that last sentence requires some visualization, i’ll explain. she wanted to hang her kazoo with tape from the hook where the guitar strap attaches.)

(immediately i thought about how putting a piece of cheap dollar tree store scotch tape might leave a sticky residue on her brand new guitar she got for christmas . . . or even worse, pull off some of the finish!)

mama: lily, no.

(lily turns away with a defeated expression, i kid you not. of course, this made me feel like a total heel and so i start damning my perfectionistic tendencies. i mean, really christy, who gives a rip if it does mess up the guitar. it is, after all, her guitar! let her try and see what happens. it’s no big deal!)

mama: you know what, lily?  i’ve changed my mind.  here you go.

so, the morning went on and lily was busy playing and i was busy . . . projecting*.  :S  about fifteen minutes later lily called me into the living room and said she wanted to show me something.  absolutely to my shock and delight she had made her guitar into a one man band.  she managed to attach her kazoo with the tape to the guitar and was able to play both at the same time.  as she’s sick of my constant videotaping and picture taking, i had to beg her to let me grab the camera.  she begrudgingly did, and i’m so thankful for it.  i will always have this video as a reminder . . . not just of a little girl’s sweetness and absolute creativity, but to not forget what can come of letting go of things being perfect and sticky free!

i now proudly debut lily reynolds in her rendition of Millie’s Don’t Cry!


*i’m aware that this isn’t a real word.  🙂



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2 responses to “stifling creativity

  1. kim Adams

    I’m like that, too, so I can appreciate how you felt! I’m so glad it turned out so sweetly, and that you were able to catch it on video! I’m also glad I got to see you and your precious family today!!

  2. So True Christy! Thanks for your brutal honesty about yourself…because so many of us relate to it! Precious video and great reminder for us all. I enjoy keeping up with your sweet family.

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