she’s four

january 30, 2007.  the day my life changed forever.  every year on that day i quietly remember  . . .  induction.  12+ hours of unmedicated hard labor.  never dilating.  emergency c-section.  hearing the first cry.  tom’s face.  feeling my heart burst into a bazzilion pieces.  falling in love.  never did i expect being her mother to be so challenging and rewarding.  i’ve made mistakes.  i’ve been successful.  i’ve learned what works today might not work tomorrow . . . or for gus someday.  overall though it’s been a joy.  i now have a smart, funny, beautiful four year old girl.  i’m doing my best and look forward to see what the future holds for her.

happy birthday, sweet lil.


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  1. Great post — I love how you captured what being a mom really is . . . and GREAT girl, too! Happy Birthday, Miss Lily! BTW — that is now one of my favorite pictures of Lil.

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