too much time has passed since my last post . . . even though it’s been for a good reason.

we have successfully flown south to orlando to escape the winter and though it was at times quite arduous, we are finally settled into our new normal . . . and not a moment too soon.  lily immediately started preschool and gus joined the early learning center (both at first baptist church of orlando which is thankfully super close to our house) and i went back to work.  overall, it was an easy peasy move down.  in fact, tom and i were discussing how it was the easiest move we’ve ever made.  i guess that all of our hard work from this past summer really paid off as everyone has quickly adapted to our new “old” digs.

lily is especially loving her new big “big girl” bed.  she’s also loving the dimmer switch that tom installed on her overly girlie chandelier.  i took absolute advantage of decorating her room in this way. it just might be my last chance to decide something like this for her since she is growing more opinionated by the day!  i wanted her to have something pretty at least once and not . . . dare i say . . . spiderman!

fit for a princess (bleh) . . . make that a  . . . “supergirl”!

she has started preschool and is loving it.  she likes her teacher, miss melanie, is already bff with a boy named abraham and she seems to be thriving in this new environment.  lils is also super excited to have her very own backpack to carry her “treasures” and of course, her beloved mickey mouse doll, or as she affectionately calls him just “mick”.

first day of preschool!

gus is awesome.  he spends the majority of his little life either playing, sleeping or eating… and almost always with a smile on his little face.  he is an absolute joy and is confirming on a daily basis why i honestly can say that i am done having babies.  there is no way that the next one could possibly be as great as he is and to prove that i’m not really a gambler, i’m cashing out early!

though still addicted to his bottle, he is now also eating baby food . . . and loving each new one that he tries!

first baby food . . . peas!


so overall, life here is good.  we are settled.  we are happy and are looking forward to spending the next six months here in orlando.


come and visit!




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  1. thanks for the updates — love the pics (as I love you all!) we’d like to come and visit while we’re down there but, alas, you’ll be up in the frozen north!

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