to the beat of her own drummer

my girl rocks.  God has so richly blessed me with this unique little one to teach and navigate this crazy world.  sure, her recent “tween” attitude is an absolute daily challenge, but even that can’t mar my feelings and adoration for her.  we’ve now had three and a half years to get to know and learn from each other.  it’s been so much fun to see the person she’s become.

her likes . . . mickey mouse, running, screaming, jumping naked on the bed, spiderman, ice cream, vegetables

her dislikes . . . apples, pizza (crazy, i know), having her face washed, sitting down, being quiet

she is in no way a “girlie girl”.  in fact, she tells me on a daily basis that she doesn’t like princesses but she might “someday”.  her favorite movie is mary poppins.  so much so that she wants to dress up as one of the characters for next halloween . . . of course, not as mary but as burt.  she wants to get married (to her bff, lukey) but doesn’t want to have a wedding.  her imaginary friends have names like “calix” and “clerch”.  she has a super imagination.  she thinks that everything is negotiable and tries to reason and persuade you to change your mind. she has every confidence in herself and of what she wants.  she is an absolute pistol.

all this to say, i love how cool my little girl is.  she is not at all like i expected, but i wouldn’t have it any other way.  like i’ve said before, there are all kinds in God’s pocket, and i’m so glad that He picked out the perfect one for me.

isn’t this what you wear to ride your scooter?



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4 responses to “to the beat of her own drummer

  1. I love it — and doesn’t she look all sharped up in that hat? She’s a free spirit, just like another ‘girl’ whom we know and love. . .

  2. Sheryl

    Christy, this was great- thanks for sharing! Adaline is my ‘Lily’ and it is such a spark of life to have her around 🙂

  3. Betsy

    GREAT POST!!!!! An absolute treasure for Lily when she grows into the lovely woman she’s destined to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sandy sullivan

    Love your Lily….and how much she reminds me of my little girl………many, many years ago…….

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