you did what? . . . with my what?

kids can be mischievous all by themselves, but pair them up with another of their kind and watch out!  you never know what to expect.

recently, we had my best friend and her two kids, luke and lydia, over to play.  lily is lucky to have many great friends (in several different states) to play with, but these are two of her favorites. when they get together it just makes her day.  i love how she anxiously looks out the window awaiting their arrival and then runs screaming around the house when they do.  she is especially enamored by luke*.  i swear, she already hangs on that boy’s every word and would follow him right off a cliff if he asked.

anyway, after a fun day of playing, our friends went home and we went about our day.  that evening, as lily was getting ready for bed, she said the most peculiar thing, causing tom to come running into our bedroom asking, “did lily and luke use our toothbrushes today?”  i was clueless.  “not that i know of.  let me call betsy.”   sure enough, luke confirmed it.  they had been playing with one of lily’s new hot wheels that changes color in the water.  when it wasn’t changing for them, they decided to get our toothbrushes to “clean” it and help it along.  later, lily also told me that they had soaped up our toothbrushes to get it even more clean.  nice.  betsy and i agreed that mom’s would have probably still used the toothbrushes (after cleaning them first . . . come on, we’re not that gross!).  however, dad’s . . . not so much!  needless to say, the used one’s were pitched and we broke out two new toothbrushes i’d been saving.

note to self . . . next time you hear your kid playing and laughing in the bathroom . . . no matter how much you are enjoying the adult conversation you’re engrossed in . . . go and see what the heck they are up to!!

oh, and when i told lily’s nana what she had done,  she just laughed and told me it was my “just deserts”. as i, too, have used another’s toothbrush (unbeknownst to him) to clean something. let’s put it this way, it wasn’t to clean a child’s toy, but rather something we all use multiple times a day.  hee hee!!


* ugh. ok, i admit it . . .  i’m doing what mama’s shouldn’t but tend to do . . .  in my mind i already have these two married.  in fact, every time i take their picture together i secretly daydream that it will make it into their wedding video.  i’m not the only one though.  after hanging up with my bestie announcing that i was carrying a son, she immediately called me back and yelled into the phone, “i just realized that we are doubling our chances!  gus and lydia could get married!!”.  ha!  i love that she thinks like me.


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