ocd . . . or just an awesomely creative little girl?

my daughter is rad.  her creative juices are overflowing these days and it has been a blast to watch.  lily loves perfecting her “collections”.  she is a little organizer in the making . . . or maybe a little ocd . . . we’re not sure which!

check out some of her work!

all of the babies “napping” after someone’s birthday party (probably brobee’s)

notice how all of her friends are face down . . . c r e e p y !

the other day she called me into the living room to show me  how she positioned her babies all around her *

what a trip!  i can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

*for the record… this is lily’s preferred expression when posing for pictures.  we honestly have to beg her to just smile and not make a silly face!



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2 responses to “ocd . . . or just an awesomely creative little girl?

  1. An organizer AND a collector — I love it! Lil’ Lil is a girl after my own heart! (And what difference does it make that her friends are face down…they’re probably just more comfortable that way. OR they’re all doing yoga to unwind).

  2. Betsy

    This is really funny!!!! Especially the “face down” part. That IS unique! I’m sure she could justify doing that, too. She’s so hilarious! And I’m glad you’re taking time to capture these memories 🙂

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