out of the mouths of babes . . .

(as told to me by lily’s grandma)

grandma:  lily, it’s time to say your prayer.

lily:  dear jesus, thank you for mommy and daddy, grandma and grandpa, and gus.  please let gus be awake all night long so mommy doesn’t get any sleep. amen.

lily:  (smiling mischievously at grandma) did you hear my prayer?

grandma:  um, yes.  lily, it’s going to be too bad if gus is awake all night.  mommy is going to be so tired from not sleeping that she’s not going to be able to play with you.

lily:  (quickly interrupting her grandma)  dear jesus, please let gus sleep all night long so that mommy can sleep too.  amen.

what a stinker!  i never would have thought a three year old could be like this!!  we’re totally in for it when she hits her teen years.


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