one month

one month

i can’t believe that already a month has flown by since gus arrived into the world.  thinking back on lily’s first month it just seemed to drag on and on.  i guess that’s the difference between having two to focus on instead of only one.

he is an absolute delight.  i am truly smitten with this boy.  i had prayed and asked God to bless me with a laid back little boy, and He definitely answered my prayers.  i could not have asked for a better baby.  he rarely cries, except when hungry, and he is an excellent sleeper.  so far, the only negative is that he has acid reflux, which breaks my heart as it must be so uncomfortable.

we are all adjusting at our own pace.  lily loves her little brother and is a great helper to me.  however, she has started acting out and talking back . . . a lot.  it is giving me a glimpse at how she could possibly be as a pre-teen and teenager, and frankly it scares the crap out of me!  we have enrolled her in a gymnastics class, which she is loving.  it’s funny to watch her in class.  she is at first timid when presented with a new skill to master, but after she gives it a go she seems to really enjoy herself.  ever the negotiator though, she is constantly challenging her teachers by trying to discuss how many more times she should do an activity.  “only two more somersaults.  only three more jumps.” etc   they glance our way and smile, and i’m sure that they rarely encounter someone so small who is so self-assured!  anyway, she loves wearing her leotard and going to chick-fil-a every week after class.  it’s a fun activity for our whole family.

overall, the past month has gone by in a blur, but what a great month it has been.  gus is changing everyday and i am loving watching him grow and thrive.  i am excited to watch how he changes from a baby to a little boy over the next year.  God is amazing, and we are so thankful for this gift He has given us!


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