last night as three!

well, our last evening as a family of three has come to a close.  as i type this, watching dancing with the stars, lily is finally asleep in her bed.  overall, it couldn’t have been a better day.  a good friend of mine told me about how it was with her son, and their last night before becoming four.  she told me one of the positives of having a planned c-section, as i’m having, was the opportunity to make the absolute most on their last evening together before the new baby’s arrival the next day.  i wanted to make the absolute most of today.  i woke up this morning without any expectations other than to enjoy lily and all that she is.

after eating breakfast, we ran some errands and then met her grandma for lunch.  then we played at nana and papa’s house for a bit before taking a nap.  after waking up, we met with daddy for our special “last evening as three”.  we wanted it to be low-key and not anything too out of the ordinary from our normal routine.  we went to eat at chick-fil-a so lily could burn some energy and play and slide her butt off!  when she had enough, we went to zip dip (our favorite soft-serve ice cream place in cincy) for ice cream before heading home.

lately, bath time has not been a very positive event.  lily defiantly keeps her eyes open when we wash her face, even despite repeated warnings that the soap will burn her eyes.  this has resulted in many screaming and crying fits in the tub, and i was so worried that tonight would be no exception.  luckily, i was wrong!  after her bath, she had lots of time to jump around on our bed and for tom to make her into “peter pan” by flying her around the house.  we then settled down on our bed and read some books before tucking her into her own.

when she prayed tonight and sang her same “God, our Father” prayer she always does, i couldn’t help but get choked up thinking of how God has truly blessed me with this family.  i tend to focus on what i don’t have instead of what i do.  however, tonight as she sang, it was so innocent and the words were oh so sweet and true for where i am right at this moment.

i can’t wait for the adventure that awaits all three of us in the morning, and more importantly to see the newest gift from God’s pocket that He’s chosen for us!



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3 responses to “last night as three!

  1. Kelly

    Thanks for sharing your special day–wish I would have thought of that! We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. So excited to meet little Gus!

  2. All I can say is that I LOVED this post! I can’t wait to see the sweet little guy who has been in ‘God’s pocket’ just waiting to be part of ‘four’. You’ll be in my prayers tomorrow!

  3. This one got me all teary! I am imagining that the baby has arrived by now… The moment you introduce Lily to her baby brother will be just amazing. I think the moment Aubrey met Brinley Kate was the best part of the whole becoming ‘four’ experience. Wishing you all the best, and a quick recovery from the cesearean. Hugs and love, the Millers

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