out of the mouths of babes . . .


recently, lily had this r a n d o m thing to say to me about that day’s upcoming events . . . 

lily:  i can’t go to school today because it’s too scary for me.  but i can’t go to school and eat lunch and play because it’s too wet outside.  but i can eat cheese now and i can hold it!

funny, the whole “it’s too scary for me” phrase has been popping up a lot lately.  (and i swear, we are very very careful about what she watches, hears, etc.  i’m not introducing her to scary     movies . . . yet!)  however, she seems to be saying it about everything these days . . .

mama:  lily, do you think we’re having a baby brother or baby sister?

lily:  a brother

mama:  should we name him, gus?  (that’s our boy’s name, by the way)

lily:  no, that name is too scary for me, mom!

h i l a r i o u s !  i can’t wait to hear what this girl comes up with next.


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