a little candy bribe goes a long way!

yesterday, our friend* was nice enough to meet us down by the lake and take a few family pictures of us for this year’s christmas card. it was a gorgeous florida day. just cool enough and not a cloud in the sky. we had never been to the main lake here in downtown clermont, and loved it so much that we can’t wait to go back!

we kept the photography session super short, so that we could capitalize on lily’s short attention span! she really cooperated and was totally hamming it up for the camera. (sounds just like her dad, right?) anyway, we ended up with some incredible shots, that only a good nap and bribery with candy could produce.

below are a our favorites that didn’t make the cut for the christmas card.

e n j o y!

(* a special shout out to cesar, for sharing his talents, giving of his time, and for being such an awesome friend. thank you!)


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One response to “a little candy bribe goes a long way!

  1. Cesar

    I am glad you liked the pictures. It is easy to take good pictures of such a beautiful family. God bless you guys.

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