picnic on the porch!

somedays i feel like i totally suck at motherhood. rarely do i feel like i have good ideas for fun things to do with lily . . . in fact, most days feel like the movie “groundhog day”. however, today i was able to break out of my funk and actually thought of something fun to do!

since it was such a nice day (overcast, but not too cool), i decided to switch things up and have a pretend lunch at the beach with miss lily . . . only we were on our porch! after running our morning errands, we came home, made some sandwiches, grabbed our beach towels and were ready to go!

we had a blast. it was a perfect way to spend some quality time together . . . and even perfect timing too, as the clock struck one at the westwood town hall and the bells rang out “autumn leaves” (one of my favorite songs). how can you not want to dance to that? (albeit slowly, of course!) even lily’s beloved “lamby” was invited to sit on the towels and share in the fun.

check out our version of a “ladybug’s picnic”!

after lunch it was nap time . . . though one of us didn’t quite feel like napping!

i swear, i am absolutely crazy about this little girl! i can’t wait to meet the next one too . . . and for the fun that we will surely have.


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